2021 'Wheel of Light' Washi Tape
HK$ 45
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  • Material washi paper, 日本霧面和紙
  • Manufacture Machine
  • Place of Origin TAIWAN
  • Stock Have Stock
  • Delivery Origin HONG KONG
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  • 《 Wheel of Light 》series / 2021 Washi Tape

    MT005 / Star Align (Black tape with Red beads)
    Width / 20mm (2cm)
    Lenght / 10m
    Material / Japanese Washi paper tape

    MT006 / Lughnsadh ( Red tape with gold ornaments)
    Width / 20mm (2cm)
    Lenght / 10m
    Material / Japanese Washi paper tape
Local Delivery (HONG KONG)
  • Local Mail Prepaid Postage (Local Mail):
    HK$ 45 - first item
    HK$ 13 - additional item
  • Local Courier (順豐速遞) Postpaid Postage (Local Courier)
Overseas Delivery
  • USA:
    HK$ 102 - first item
    HK$ 102 - additional item
    HK$ 45 - first item
    HK$ 0 - additional item
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FLOSMOONY used to explore herself by illustrating human figure and related costumes. Finally in 2020 decided to use 'Moonheal Circle' for her illutration brand, implicating the processes of finding herself trueself when illutrating, and to light up the spark in everyone's heart.

Moonheal Circle HONG KONG Illustrator
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