Silent Moment

Brand Profile
Silent Moment believes that in the natural world,
"Flowers and herbs" can arouse the pure heart and inner senses of women,
Using crochet skills to reproduce the original plants ecology,
It shows the beauty of symbols that no one can imitate with craftsmanship.
Just likes punctuation marks in a sentence express every thought delicately and let you bloom like a flower.

Originality and Product Features
The creative thoughts come from the communication with different threads and it is fascinated by the unique expressions and beautiful lines of plants.
Focus on the use of ultra-fine crochet needle and fine thread to crochet the delicate and exquisite flowers.
Make flower accessories that are elegant and delicate, touch by vision, and are called "full of highlights" by customers.

Proficiency in use of crochet tools, but do not want to be limited by traditional crocheting.
The intention is to create outside the box by not following the routine or imitate from crochet books and create original crochet recipe for the flowers with a brand-new look.
Believing my hand, to express my feelings with my skill in creating crochet flower.
It will be more unique and long lasting than imitation.
This may arouse people's pure heart for plants and let this inner sense be the connection between man and nature.

Prolong training on how to feel during crochet also let me find the joy of touching in using my hands.
It develop a hand twisting technique which need to select appropriate thread to express the different textures of branches, stems and fruit.

Try to establish the connection between "thread" and "plant" by using different type of thread
Different from the traditional crochet flower work that use lace cotton threads,
Explore the characteristic of linen, wool, polyester, plant fiber, metal fiber, paint etc and try to discover other possibilities on these commonly used materials.
"Flowers and herbs" are the objects of crochet that constantly elaborate.
Recently, I had keen interest on how to interpret the image of dried flowers.
These are new creations that transcend the inherently crochet flower shape.

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