[Petite Me] Rhombus / Square Satin Ribbon Ear Studs
HK$ 110

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  • 材質 Satin ribbon
  • 製造方式 人手製造
  • 產地 香港
  • 庫存 現貨出售
  • 發貨地 香港
  • 標籤
  • ::: [ Petite Me ] Collection :::

    These simple, yet sophisticated, ear studs are handwoven with satin ribbons.

    - Clip-ons (clear) and stainless steel studs are available for an extra fee of $10.
    - Colors can be customized (please see color palette).

    ◆◆◆ Shipping Info ◆◆◆
    Item will be mailed by Hongkong Post Local Mail (Packet) within 3 business days when payment is cleared.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact for inquiry.

    ★★★ Enjoy shopping!! ★★★

◆ Material: Satin Ribbon
◆ Size: 7 mm
◆ Clip-ons and stainless steel studs are available.
◆ Colors can be customized.

[ Petite Me ]

For those who love everything PETITE!

Simple, yet Sophisticated

2 Ways to Wear:
Rhombus or Square

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