Eternal Palace - Boardgame
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  • Material 塑膠, 紙品, 鐳射膜, AR
  • Manufacture Machine
  • Place of Origin HONG KONG
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  • In the late Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi obtained two Night Pearls, believed to grant immortality. Using the Blue Pearl, she rejuvenated herself and declared herself the "Eternal Emperor." She arranged for young Puyi to absorb the Red Pearl, resulting in his death but granting him the power of reincarnation with memories.

    A century later, eternal energy dominates the world, controlled by Cixi who can determine the fate of human energy resources. The Night Pearls were meant to balance celestial and terrestrial cycles, but Cixi's excessive development of eternal energy caused severe pollution and energy imbalance. Puyi, with infinite reincarnation, learns the truth and seeks to retrieve the Pearls, attacking Cixi's opulent palace repeatedly, facing failures, deaths, and rebirths. Allies and factions negotiate and battle, raising the question of betrayal.

    Will Puyi ultimately succeed?

    印刷商: Red Line Creative Company Limited
    遊戲設計: Infinity Community Limited
    插畫師: PureHay

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PureHay's artistic style is primarily characterized by "cyberpunk" aesthetics, and in line with this, our team has created boardgames, playing cards, art book, and oracle cards, among other projects.

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